What is Odds Watchdog?

We are a team of long term professional matched bettors, we've been using the principals of matched betting to turn bonuses and free bets in to withdrawable cash for over a decade between us. We set up Odds Watchdog as a service to teach others how to benefit from this easy, risk free method of earning additional money.

We didn't invent matched betting, but we have become extremely good at it and we've added enormous amounts of value in to the matched betting community. We excel at unpicking the maths required to extract value from bookmaker and casino offers and promotions. We reached the point where we became unhappy with the information available online to discover new promotions and ways to approach them, that we decided to do it ourselves.

We spend hours each day identifying the profitable offers, then write up easy to follow instructions on how to copy what we do, and how to make your own profits from exactly the same offers.

What Odds Watchdog isn't...

We are not a "betting service", you cannot gamble on our site. In fact we actively discourage our members from gambling! Gambling is negative equity, even if you win a lot, over the long term you will end up losing!

We are not a "betting system", we don't proclaim to know which horses will win the race, we don't know whether your favourite team will win, lose or draw their next match, and we can't tell you the lottery numbers for next week!

We are not a "get rich quick" scheme, if you sign up today, we can't make you a millionaire by tomorrow. But what we can do is show you how to make a long term, risk free, tax free income. The principals we teach can be applied at any level and are completely scalable. By doing a small amount of what we do, you could top up your beer money each week, or by doing it a lot, you could earn yourself an income on a similar level to a senior manager or company director.

So How Does it Work?

We use mathematics to break down bookmaker offers. We use a combination of "bets" (usually two per offer) in order to cover the entire field of an event. By using techniques of backing (betting for) and laying (betting against), we can cover every eventuality of a sporting event. It's a lot like flipping a coin and betting on both heads and tails at the same time.

Betting £5 on heads and £5 on tails on a fair coin toss at true odds, regardless of the outcome of the toss we're going to make a £5 profit on one bet and a £5 loss on the other. No matter which outcome, we lose nothing.

Matched betting works on the same idea, only we exploit the times where there is an imbalance in the value the bookmaker is offering, and it's in our favour. In the coin toss example betting £5 on each outcome, if the payout for one of the outcomes was £6 for our £5 stake, the payout for the other outcome still being £5, then by tossing the coin over and over, we'll make on average 50p profit per flip!

Surely there's never a bet that is weighted in our favour?

You're going to be surprised at just how often this can happen! Our list of sign-up offers is enormous, almost every bookmaker in the country has a welcome offer that can be turned in to £5-150! We can't bet on coin tosses, but we don't need to, we turn almost any sporting event into a coin toss, and we cover both outcomes all the way.

Risk Free - You simply can't lose, you're going to win one bet or the other, and the difference between the value you win and the value you lose is the profit you can withdraw!

Tax Free - Since the reforms of the gambling tax system at the turn of the century, any winnings from gambling, professional or not, are exempt from tax. So just as you don't pay tax on lottery wins, neither do you pay tax on matched betting profits. It's a win-win-win system that works! Sign up for a free account and we'll show you the ropes, then it's up to you to decide whether to spend the £25 profit you'll make, or sign up to Premium and continue earning additional cash.

So what are you waiting for?

We can spend all day telling you about how and why matched betting works, but the best way is to see it in action! Sign up now and you won't be disappointed! You can try us out for free and make £25 profit, or ready to make £1000's? Sign up for premium and get full access to the Odds Watchdog site!