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The Offer: Deposit £5 and receive a £10 free bet.

Click the following link to register with Sky Bet:

UPDATE: For a limited period of time, you no longer need to deposit to receive the £10 free bet.  Simply register for an account, log out, and then log back in again to receive your free bet.

Qualifying Instructions

Step 1: Open an account with Sky Bet, you do not need to deposit.

Step 2: You will be credited with a £10 free bet instantly.

Free Bet

Step 1: Once your £10 free bet has been credited, it's time to turn it into withdrawable cash.  To do this, you need to head to the odds-matching software to find a good match.

Step 2: Select Sky Bet on the odds-matching software.  For free bets, we want to use higher odds to maximise profit.  We suggest odds of 4.0 as a minimum for free bets.  However, higher odds mean greater liability is required in the exchange, so make sure you have enough cash to cover the lay side of the bet if choosing high odds.  You should be looking for a match rating of over 95 here.

Step 3: Once you've found a match, it's time to load up the calculator.

In the calculator:

Enter your stake: £10

Select Bet Type: Free Bet (SNR)

Enter your back odds: e.g. 4.0

Enter your lay odds: e.g. 4.1

Enter commission: 5%

Click the 'calculate' button

The calculator will then generate the correct lay stake to use on Betfair, and will tell you the profit you'll make from this free bet.  This should be somewhere in the region of £7-8 depending on the odds used and match rating of your selection.

Step 4: Make sure you have enough money in your Betfair account to cover the liability of the bet.  If you don't, you should deposit this money now.  Once that's done, head back over to Sky Bet and place your £10 free bet on your selection.

Step 5: Once your Sky Bet free bet has been placed, you should now place your lay bet with Betfair, as shown in the calculator.

You have now completed this offer and can wait to withdraw from either Sky Bet or Betfair after the bet has settled.  You should have earned roughly £7-8 profit from this offer.

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