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The Offer: Deposit £5, Bet £2 and receive £30 in free bets.

Note: This offer has recently changed, the video instructions are still applicable but the amounts you need to bet have changed slightly. Please follow the written instructions for how much to bet during each step.

Click the following link to register with Coral:

Qualifying Bet

Step 1: Open an account with Coral and deposit £5.

Step 2: You now need to find a close match on the odds-matching software between Coral and Betfair for your qualifying bet.  Select Coral from the list and set the minimum odds to 1.5.  Choose a bet that has a high match rating.  Anything between 95 - 99 is recommended.

Step 3: Once you have found a good match, you now need to calculate your lay stake.  To do this, head over to the calculator.

In the calculator:

Enter your stake: £2

Select Bet Type: Normal / Qualifier

Enter your back odds: e.g. 1.5

Enter your lay odds: e.g. 1.51

Enter commission: 5%

Click the 'calculate' button

The calculator will then generate the correct lay stake to use on Betfair.  Make sure that the lay stake for Betfair is at least £2 as this is the minimum bet on the Betfair Exchange.  If the suggested lay stake is less than £2, either look for a different match, or increase your stake to £2.50-£3.00 and re-calculate in the calculator.

Step 4: Check that the odds at both Coral and Betfair are still the same as you entered into the calculator.  If your odds are displayed in fractional format then head over to account settings to change them to decimal format.

Odds will move over time.  When first starting out, it can be time consuming to read through all of the information and follow along online.  If the odds have moved since you found your match, don't worry.  Simply re-enter the new odds in to the calculator and press the calculate button.

Step 5: The calculator will tell you the 'liability' of your lay stake.  This is the amount of money you need in your Betfair account to place the bet.  Make sure you deposit this amount if required before moving on.

Step 6: It's now time to place your bets.  Place the £2-3 bet with Coral on the match that you selected.  Double check you've made the correct selection before confirming the bet.

Step 7: Once your Coral bet is confirmed, place your lay bet with Betfair, as shown on the calculator.  You've now completed the qualifying bet of this offer.  Your free bet will be credited as soon as you've placed your qualifying bet.

Free Bet

Step 1: Once your £30 (3x£10) free bets have been credited, it's time to turn them into withdrawable cash.  You need to complete this within 4 days before the free bet tokens expire.  To do this, you need to head back to the odds-matching software to find a good match.

Step 2: Once again, select Coral on the odds-matching software.  For free bets, we want to use higher odds to maximise profit.  We suggest odds of 4.0 as a minimum for free bets.  However, higher odds mean greater liability is required in the exchange, so make sure you have enough cash to cover the lay side of the bet if choosing high odds.  You should be looking for a match rating of over 95 here.

Step 3: Once you've found a match, it's time to load up the calculator again.

In the calculator:

Enter your stake: £10

Select Bet Type: Free Bet (SNR)

Enter your back odds: e.g. 4.0

Enter your lay odds: e.g. 4.1

Enter commission: 5%

Click the 'calculate' button

The calculator will then generate the correct lay stake to use on Betfair, and will tell you the profit you'll make from this free bet.  This should be somewhere in the region of £7-8 depending on the odds used and match rating of your selection.

Step 4: Make sure you have enough money in your Betfair account to cover the liability of the bet.  If you don't, you should deposit this money now.  Once that's done, head back over to Coral and place your £10 free bet on your selection.  Make sure you choose one of the free bet tokens in the betslip so that you don't place the bet with your own funds.

Step 5: Once your Coral free bet has been placed, you should now place your lay bet with Betfair, as shown in the calculator.

Step 6: Repeat this process for the other two £10 free bet tokens.  Choose popular sports markets such as premier league football or live ITV horse racing for best results.

You have now completed this offer and can wait to withdraw from either Coral or Betfair after the bets have settled.  You should have earned roughly £20-25 profit from this offer.

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